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When I first started the coaching sessions with Anastasia, I really didn’t realize the impact they would have in my life. Prior to the coaching I would say, I had all the same goals, thoughts, and intentions but, they were all internalized. I found my self-esteem being affected because of my lack of discipline towards accomplishing these goals. Just taking the time to really say them out loud and fully process my thoughts made all the difference in our sessions and really through verbalizing and discussing those aspirations really helped me hold myself more accountable in the areas of my life I needed to work on.


I loved working with Anastasia in these sessions! She was supportive, kind, understanding, and attentive. Through these sessions I have accomplished some of my goals both personal and physical early on that I have been trying to tackle for years. Through this process I have started to believe in myself, become self-assured, and have a more positive outlook on life. I wouldn’t change anything about our sessions, they were exactly what I needed. I would recommend these sessions to anyone who is struggling with their internal or physical well being that just needs a great unbiased support system.

-Amber C.

Sara was the first coach I had ever worked with. I was not exactly sure what to expect or bring to the table, but she made me very comfortable. She was wonderful to work with and put me at ease in each of our sessions. She comes fully present to each session, and I could tell she really cared about what I had to say and getting to know the real me. She asked powerful questions that pulled me out of my own head, to get to the root of the why I was doing the things I was. One of my biggest accomplishments in my time with her is that my level of self-confidence has risen, and I was able to explore fears and hesitations on various topics. This led to greater clarity in my life. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone looking to explore themselves in a calming, judgment free space. Thank you Sara!!

-Jessica J.


Before connecting with Anastasia I was feeling disorganized, unbalanced, and stressed in many areas. My stress, stemming from multiple areas of my life, was causing unbalance. My health was suffering, but still I had very little motivation to change anything. My sessions helped me to evaluate my health in a broader sense. Not only was I able to identify the way I was feeling, but it also helped me identify what some of the underlying factors and external circumstances were that added to the issues. By taking this more holistic approach to my own health, it has helped me create goals that I am motivated to work at and are actually creating results! 


Working with Anastasia was great! She truly listened to what I had to say and then provided helpful and relevant suggestions and additional information. I never once felt judged, but instead left every meeting feeling excited to put into practice some of our new ideas and goals. She helped me to take a realistic approach to matters, offering suggestions that were realistic and attainable. She truly has been a great help and encouragement over the past sessions!

After concluding our final session, I was really able to look back and see that I had accomplished a lot, even in just a short amount of time. I truly felt like I was able to train myself! Anastasia gave me accountability, but I also developed an accountability to myself and would often ask myself what I was doing for myself between sessions.


- Abriella M.

Working with Sara was absolutely wonderful. Before starting my sessions with her, sleep was a real issue for me and I felt like there wasn't much I could do about it. Sara helped guide me through practical ways to sleep better, but she also taught me ways to get to the root of the problem and deal with the stresses that were keeping me up at night. Sleeping better and learning to let go of my anxieties through a "brain dump" has helped my overall well-being because nothing can compare to a good night's sleep! I'm so glad I  had Sara to help me with this.


As someone who is dealing with chronic pain, I appreciate that Sara encouraged me to trust my gut and advocate for myself with doctors. Even when I felt lost and discouraged with my current health issues, Sara was easy to talk to. She's an excellent listener, she made me feel really heard.  She taught me to look for wins in my life instead of focusing on the negatives. Sara's insightful guidance has been invaluable to me and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to better themselves and just needs some guidance and push in the right direction.

-Hannah W.


It was an amazing opportunity to work with Anastasia. She is such a great lister and allowed me the space I needed to open-up and think about where I am currently. She met me right where I was and made it easy to be transparent as she made it apparent that it was a safe space and judgment-free zone. She also has a very calming and welcoming tone which also made it easy to be transparent.


Before I started working with Anastasia I had some goals, but pretty much kept them in my head. Anastasia has helped me come to new revelation and insight about what’s to come in my future. Anastasia was so great at remembering things we discussed during previous sessions and keeping me accountable to them. She also made me feel great about every goal I accomplished by celebrating even the slightest step forward. I am extremely grateful for her follow up e-mails that also kept me accountable. I would recommend Anastasia to anyone who is ready to take the leap forward and work on improving any area of their wellbeing.

-Juanita W.

I was training for a Half Marathon, starting a new job and adjusting to life during a pandemic. It was wonderful to be able to share things with Sara and have her listen and give her perspective on these things. I realized that I needed to adjust my time-management and set different, smaller goals for myself. I enjoyed the fact that she cared about my overall well-being and gave me clear, honest, and direct feedback. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and care. What was really nice was that at every start of a session she would highlight what we spoke about in the previous session. It made me feel validated and appreciated.


I definitely came out of it with better time-management skills and a new approach to sleep. It’s so important! I adjusted my sleep schedule and it is still my main priority. I also felt that some of the things I said about myself, like how I looked and some “body dysmorphic” comments I made were not helpful for me. So I am learning now to look at the positive things about myself.  I think it says a lot about growth to really be able to see myself in a positive way. Sara really emphasized that.

-Alex H.


I very much enjoyed our sessions even though in the beginning I may have had many negative things to say about my efforts to achieve any success about my continuing journey to get stronger, healthier, and ultimately lose weight. Anastasia's method of questioning and speaking was positive, encouraging, and insightful! She has a way of making me stop to really think about the way I feel about my self image, to pause and to admit that I have made some success even if sometimes it was not as big as I’d hoped. She provided suggestions which included books, podcasts, and more. I realize that all the tools one needs to accomplish their goals are readily available, and often free. So I plan for each day forward to use as many of them as necessary. If I get lost or feel I need help, I know how to find you and how to get back on track! Thank you so very much for all the time you spent helping me!

-Laura P.

I have truly enjoyed my coaching experience with Sara. As a busy mom, wife, and nurse, life often felt chaotic and I spent little time working on my own needs and goals before this experience. Sara helped me to slow down, create goals and work towards a healthier version of myself. Sara is so warm, caring and has a knack for helping to discover the real root of some of my challenges. Once identified, Sara and I worked together to create client specific and creative solutions to meet these challenges head on. Through this experience, I was able to realize my need for self care and create achievable goals to better care for myself. I would recommend coaching to all. Every person struggles with something in their life and coaching can help anyone to better handle these stresses.

-Laura F.


 I was facing huge transitions in my career and in my health when I started working with Anastasia. Her support of my goals not only encouraged me, but motivated me, and her celebration of my wins made me feel like I was not making these life changing transitions alone. Working with Anastasia was a game changer for me and I would highly recommend it!


During the last few months I have been in coaching sessions with Sara. I think of my life as being quite organized and purposeful but am always open for improvement. Sara assured me the sessions would not take up too much time and that if at any time I felt uncomfortable an adjustment could be made. The work done has definitely had a positive impact on me. It motivated me to start immediately on goals I would otherwise have started later. Working with Sara was pleasant yet businesslike.  The material and questions presented was not intimidating and did make me think about ways to improve overall. I best liked the suggestions and follow up discussions.

My benefits have been felt already. I did have some general goals set but the program initiated a beginning and a time table for me. I actually now have deeper goals to move toward and feel quite satisfied with them. I know I will achieve more complete organization. That of course will generate additional objectives and that will be an extension of further areas of my life being better correlated.

-Anne P.


Before I met Anastasia I would have considered myself to be a stable and boring person because I was stuck and not progressing toward my goals.  I always knew I wanted to help others, but at the same time forgot to help myself progress in life.  Until I became the client, I really never had a clue how much being coached could change someone's life.


I was able to see my life through Anastasia’s  youthful and passionate way of looking at things.  Not achieving goals was draining me.  I appreciated her  way of turning my lack of progress into learning how to do something I had never done before in order to get results I had never seen before.


Yes, an old dog can learn new tricks. I thank her for her  youthful and innovative view on life and the ability to encourage me to move toward my goals using different methods untried by myself. She has a wonderful way of giving someone a new outlook on their life.

-Zoe Z.

Before I started working with Sara, I was very depressed, I have had many ups and downs with depression. The coaching sessions had a positive impact on my life by helping me focus on the wins / positive things I had in a week. It's usually very hard for me to think positive but it was a little easier to find one positive thing in a whole week rather than just one day. Also, I enjoyed how she gave me suggestions that I realistically wanted to do. If she suggested something that I didn't like she helped me find another avenue that I could see myself doing. This helps me be a little more positive every day. 


I had a great experience with Sara because she knew about my whole well-being as well as my mental and physical health. I enjoyed the most that she is a spiritual person and encouraged me to continue in things I enjoy like spiritual inspirational scriptures. I have benefited from the encouragement to keep doing and making things that have helped me stay a little bit more positive. 


Some new things I learned were to keep small goals for myself that might seem to be unrelated to my mental health but will overall help me accomplish something positive. I would recommend it to anyone who needs talk therapy because I found it very similar except it was better because Sara had knowledge of my whole well-being and was able to help me even with suggestions for my physical health too. I only wish we could have had more sessions, but I must add that Sara did provide me with some great resources to help me find a therapist.

-Emily A.


Sara has a calm presence and is an excellent listener. She did a great job with reflective listening and provided alternative ways of looking at things that were coming up as challenges for me as I am building my coaching practice. She provided accountability and great encouragement as I tackled my goals. Working with Sara has been wonderful in taking my big ideas and creating smaller daily goals/ action steps and celebrating the small wins along the way. Sara does a great job in holding space when needed, brings a lot of creativity and positive feedback and overall has been very helpful in bringing me more clarity. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone looking to transformation in any area of their life. She is a joy to work with.

-Laura B.

I was in between therapy but also needing assistance with a newer soft diagnosis of ADHD, and also at the cusp of changing my work schedule due to the progression of my illness. I enjoyed the feedback as well as the bridge to resources. I now have a resource for finding the right therapist for me.


I enjoyed feeling like I could focus, and get a sounding board with my main concerns in my health and wellness. I’m more focused on mindfulness again and how to execute that in daily small measures, which is normally very difficult for me to do. I was reminded through coaching that the daily small measures add up. I have big thinking, and now I want to enjoy small wins.


Movement is important. Movement doesn’t mean push to pain or that the outcomes have to be related to moving the way I moved pre-illness. Movement is related to care and caring for the body I’m currently in. It’s a kindness to this body and not a punishment 

I already have recommended Anastasia’s coaching to a person who I know is feeling overwhelmed and who doesn’t know where to start in healing. I would also recommend it to people who are depressed.

-Staci M.


Working with Sara these past few months has been such a pleasure. Usually I am one to shy away from such experiences, not being one to easily talk freely about physical and mental health. However we were able to talk about a wide range of topics and set measurable goals. We talked about every two weeks and that was enough time to set a goal and implement it. 


We also discussed meditation, breathing techniques and I will continue to use them in the future. One of my goals was to meal prep and we talked about strategies to ensure that would be a success. Another important part was to set goals but if it doesn't work out, just start over the next day. It will never be perfect but it's important to keep making goals and trying to stay the course. 


Overall, I loved the experience. She is very easy to talk to and helping her through this course, it also helped me immensely.

-Lauren J.

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