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Recipe for a Healthy Lifestyle

Follow this recipe for a healthy lifestyle!

Ingredient #1 : Eat real, whole foods

Focus on eating as many unprocessed foods as you can and you will feel so. much. better. There are so many additives, emulsifiers, colorings, and flavorings in processed foods. Not to mention things like seed oils and preservatives. Ultra-processed foods cause inflammation in our bodies, negatively impact our gut health, and contribute to chronic diseases.

Ingredient #2 : Consistent movement

Consistency for the win! Do what you enjoy for exercise, not what you think you have to do, and try to sprinkle in bits of movement throughout your day. We enjoy a few 20-30 minute sessions of strength training a few times per week. We also love to mix in gentler types of movement like pilates and yoga.

Ingredient #3: Quality Sleep

We’re talking 7-8 hours every night, and don’t forget to start winding down 1 hour before bed (and we don’t mean with Netflix!). Winding down helps us fall asleep faster. It is important to limit screen time during this period as well. Rather than scrolling on your phone, why not try reading a book on paper before bed and seeing how much better you feel?

Ingredient #4: Mindfulness

Structured or not, try to incorporate time in your day to be more present and undistracted. Take time to check in with yourself and get curious about your thoughts and emotions, without judgment. Reflect on the good things in your life and feel grateful for them. Or just focus on sounds or sights around you. Bonus points if you can do this outside and spend some time in nature! You can also try incorporating mindful eating, eat your food with no TV or phone to distract you, and really focus on how it smells and tastes.

These things may seem small, but believe us they’re not, and most people aren’t doing them!

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