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Our Programs

You’re ready for change (like, yesterday), but you have no idea what to do next 


You want to discover your purpose, passion, and joy


But you’re feeling super stuck, and every week it’s a case of the Sunday Scaries all over again…



You’re not just dealing with burnout…


What you’re actually dealing with is: 


Your brain’s default wiring system

Fears running the show and negative thought spirals 

Subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs

Massive identity shifts 

Self doubt and imposter syndrome 

Craving external validation and people pleasing 

Not living in alignment with your values 

Out of touch with fulfillment, joy, and your passions

And a whole lot of less than helpful stories in your mind…


Want to know the good news?! 



How do we do it? 


We redefine and redesign your thoughts, your expectations, and your life! 

With massive support, safety, and science…


By means of us, your trusted advisors board certified nurse coaches who are experts in human behavior, habits, and holistic wellness



It won’t happen overnight, and it’s a process, but you’re not looking for quick fixes; you’re much more committed than that! 


You’re no stranger to investing in yourself, you know that with the right support, anything is possible And you’re ready to do the work, trust the process, and rediscover your joy!




Our Programs

We specialize in bespoke coaching programs expertly tailored to your unique goals


Coaching packages: 

3 months

6 months 

1 year


And introducing:

Refresh and Reset Intensive

2 hour deep dive plus 1 month of support via voxer, text, or email


Ask about: 

VIP days

Travel coaching

Inspired Experiences


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