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We help you

live Well and Whole. 

Hi! We’re Sara and Anastasia


Board Certified Nurse Coaches on a mission to help YOU live your less-stressed, balanced, and best life!

We are twins, RNs, and long-time operating room nurses. For a while, we did what everyone else did - worked really hard, picked up all the overtime, lived for the weekends, watched too much netflix, spent wayyyy too much time scrolling on social media, and had no self care or stress management routine. 


After a few years of this, of course we got burned out, like anyone else would. And that was all pre-pandemic! 


But then we discovered nurse coaching (NC-BC, hello!) and our whole lives TRANSFORMED as a result. We went on our own personal development journeys, studied holistic nursing, got certified in compassion fatigue (CCFP), and learned a lot about critical incident stress management. 


And thank goodness we did! 


Burnout has become an epidemic, and enough is enough. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and living in a state of chronic stress is damaging to the body and mind.


In our book, settling for normal is not an option. Especially when normal is toxic.



It is our goal to EMPOWER you to put your self care, health care, and mental wellbeing first so you can FEEL BETTER and DREAM BIGGER.  We celebrate work life balance, part time hours, and self care as a lifestyle. We also believe that your best life is your less-stressed life, and that the best things come from doing things the unconventional way.  


As nurses who have successfully recovered from burnout and decided to do life differently,, we are on a mission to help you live your most aligned and empowered lives. 


Come with us and we will show you the way!


We offer 1:1 coaching, masterclasses, and workshops centering on the themes of stress management, burnout, mindset, and empowerment. 


We also work with organizations to design innovative nurse wellness coaching programs that address the needs of nurses across their careers.

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