We help you

live Well and Whole. 

Hi, we're Sara and Anastasia.
Registered Nurses turned Holistic Wellness Coaches. 

We became nurses allll the way back in 2014! We were SO excited to be in the operating room… AND take on a new role. In nursing, as many of you know after a short amount of time, you become the "go to" people. So we took on a lot of additional responsibilities. We LOOKED like we were doing great, but the truth is… we weren't. After a couple of years, burnout started to set in. To be honest, we ended up dreading going to work every day. We were tired ALL the time.


We've always desired freedom in our life and we LOVED to travel. We saw all these people doing travel nursing and we saw how great it is. We were SO excited for this new beginning and our first assignment- we thought we'd be able to combine these two passions.


Basically - we hated it. We ended up somewhere where it was an assault to our integrity - the hospital we were at wasn't following standards of care or hospital policy. People seemed okay with turning a blind eye & not standing up for patients. We always considered ourselves to be advocates in the best way.. We struggled with knowing what to do - we thought we'd found the right path for us... and turned out we were wrong.


We traveled for fun for 6 months and we're SO glad we did it. It gave us SO much clarity on what we wanted out of life and how to set strong boundaries. We said we’d try taking on part time hours (32 hours per week) for a year and evaluate. EVENTUALLY we realized that what we REALLY wanted was to create a life and career we didn’t constantly feel the need to run away from. We didn’t know it at the time, but what we truly needed was to recover from burnout, take better care of ourselves physically and mentally, and  feel a sense of purpose in nursing again.


We had this idea that if we got X type of nursing job where we could work from home - we'd be sorted for life. But we'd go on interviews - nothing felt like a good fit.. Sara remembered walking into the hospital one day and telling Stacy - I'm tired of someone else telling me when I have to work and when I can take my vacation. I'm tired of signing up for vacation a year in

advance. I want to work when I want, where I want. But... how the heck did we work for ourselves as nurses?!?! Not long after, we discovered nurse coaching and EVERYTHING CHANGED! This is the area of nursing we had been looking for. We decided to take the leap and invest in ourselves. We learned from amazing mentors who guided us along the way. We completed a certification program, totally transformed our mindsets, healed ourselves from stress and burnout, and decided to launch our OWN coaching practice to help others do the same!


But did we have enough experience? Would people actually want to work with us? Would there be enough nurses ready to take the leap? Negative reinforcement is what we'd all been taught - but we knew it wasn't sustainable. Because you don't have to set yourself on fire to keep others warm - even though that's what you might have been told as a nurse.


Now - we're both thriving and have finally stepped into alignment to help nurses in a way we're so passionate about. We want to show you a better way than you've been taught! Here's to getting out of autopilot, setting the boundaries you never thought you could, and FINALLY putting yourself first - and we're here to guide you on the way.



Put yourself before your work. Take care of yourself, no matter how stressful or hopeless things may seem. Know that there's more out there. Don't just be content with hearing things like "the grass isn't greener on the other side."


Refuse to accept what’s toxic just because it's normal.


You only get out when you wake up from autopilot, recover from stress and burnout, and learn how to live in a way that truly nourishes your body and mind.


You can do this by yourself if you want to spend a lot of time trying to piece things together. Or, if you want to enjoy the process, feel amazing, and become the most empowered version of YOU, don't wait! Invest in yourself, take the leap, and know that everything is waiting for you on the other side.